Man sets sights on swimming across Lake Michigan

Bryan Huffman swimming across the English Channel. Photo courtesy of Stacy Huffman.

A successful swim across Lake Michigan would make Bryan Huffman only one of nine people to pull off the feat.

But that's not why the Holland-native is doing it. His goal is less personal and more altruistic. Instead, he's raising awareness and funds for swim lessons. Best practice what he preaches before asking others to help him, right?

Huffman has already proven himself an adept swimmer. Last year, he conquered the English Channel, a 37-mile swim between England and France. 

His next task, dubbed Bryan's Big Lake Swim, will take him from Rawley Point Lighthouse near Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Big Sable Point Lighthouse just north of Ludington in Michigan. The entire trip is 60 miles and will test his endurance.

Huffman said he's swimming for the Holland Aquatic Center and making swimming lessons affordable for anyone at the HAC.

Drowning remains the number one cause of death among young kids and the number two cause of death for children 5-15 years old. He hopes by waterproofing the community with affordable swimming lessons, the tragic figures behind drowning will drop.

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The original goal was to raise $12,000 for the swimming goal. He's now elevated the goal to conducting lengthy swims across the other Great Lakes after hearing about a previous endeavor by Vicki Keith, a Canadian swimmer who raised over $500,000 for her community's swim lesson program.

He'll chase the finish line in accordance with the Marathon Swim Federation and Channel Swimming Association. 

The launch is expected this August. Learn more here