Man shoots thief stealing car, police use blood trail to arrest him

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A man opens fire at a Warren gas station trying to stop a man from stealing his car - he hit the suspect in the neck and now police are reviewing the surveillance video to decide if both men should face charges.

The incident happened at the Marathon gas station at about 3 a.m. Friday when a man pulled up in a red Dodge Challenger and went inside to make a purchase. Soon after someone tried to steal his car - leading him to pull his gun and open fire at 12 Mile and Van Dyke.

On video it appears the car owner first tried to open the driver's door, but the wannabe carjacker sped away.  Then the owner fired at least two shots, hitting the man in the neck and the car crashed into a pole.

The manager of the gas station is not commenting at this time but is cooperating with the police investigation, sources released to the video to FOX 2 News

The owner of the car is seen on camera talking on his phone, likely calling 911, and holding the firearm in his hand. Police used the blood trail of the carjacker is now in custody for trying to steal a car, and he is expected to recover from his injuries.

Now the question is whether both men could be charged in the incident. FOX 2 called the police commissioner but can't comment at this time on possible charges for the two men. The prosecutor's office is looking at the video to make a determination.