Man still thinks it's 2009: Trying to get his life and memory back after stroke

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Imagine being unable to remember the last 9 years of your life.  It happened to a local man who is now trying to piece together his life.

“Next thing I know I’m waking up in a hospital and they are telling me I’m in California and it’s the year 2018.”

Brian Lawson thinks Barack Obama is our president and the real estate bubble just burst - According to him America is in the midst of a recession. Brian Lawson thinks it’s 2009. The explanation to his memory loss. 

Last week while at work, Brian had a stroke. He was rushed to Kaiser Permanente in Harbor City. While there, he possibly suffered a second stroke, losing all memory of his life for the past 9 years. When he told the hospital staff, Brian says they didn’t believe him. 

“The doctor said he just talked to me and The paperwork was done for my discharge and he’s not buying this whole amnesia thing.” 

So Brian was discharged from the hospital only hours after suffering a stroke, forced to walk the streets he says he couldn’t recall. In 2009 Brian was married - living in Oregon working at a Walmart.  In 2018 - Brian is divorced, homeless, and living in his car. But it’s when he looked at the pictures in his cell phone that he was completely shocked.

“First thing I saw was myself in a clergy outfit with a white collar.”

Brian is apparently a minister. He has no recollection of being ordained. Then he found an interview of himself online. Brian learned that he preaches to other homeless people in Los Angeles. Brian believes that it is because he is homeless that the staff at Kaiser didn’t believe him and discharged him so quickly - despite having insurance. 

Kaiser Permanente sent us this statement:
“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have immediately begun looking into the matter. While we cannot comment on a specific member, the health and wellbeing of all our members is our top priority.”

“I just hope that the hospital start looking at people that are homeless like everyone else.”

Brian is now staying at a recuperative center in Culver City with no idea of what he will do next. 

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to me I’m just going to try to makes things work the best I can.”

Brian has mounting medical bills - so friends who have contacted him created a go fund me page to help:

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