Man survives shooting in robbery attempt on Detroit's east side

A man was shot and robbed while sitting inside his car at a gas station on Detroit's east side.

He managed to drive himself to the hospital - but the gunman got away. Orlando Johnson says it happened at about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

"I wasn't doing anything, listening to music. I do every day," he said.

Then someone approached him asking for the chain around his neck.

"When he grabbed my neck, he said, 'I got to have this,'" he said. "I grabbed him and said you've got to get it. I put my car in reverse and I pulled off."

Johnson says there was no time to be afraid, saying he put his car in reverse and pulled away. That's when Johnson says he felt and saw blood on his body.

"When I was pulling out, he shot through my back window," Johnson said. "It came through my ear, went through my face."

Johnson admits his first stop was his house to grab a gun, just in case he was followed as he left the store because he says it's unclear how many people were involved in this incident - and he may have been setup.

"It had to be a setup. Because I do it. I sit there. They know me," he said.

After grabbing that gun, Johnson says he rushed to the hospital. Hours after being released, Johnson is surrounded by family and friend. The victim is hopeful that this incident was recorded by Project Green Light and that the video will lead police to the perpetrators.

Police say the incident is under investigation and it's believed the suspect got away in a white SUV, possibly a white Escalade.

Although his precious chain was stolen and his face bears proof of where he took the bullet, Johnson says he's lucky to be alive and will not be afraid to go back and hang out at the store.