Man who helped carjacked, assaulted woman in Taylor shares his story

A woman in Taylor was carjacked and assaulted Wednesday morning - and the man who helped her is talking to FOX 2.

"I heard this, almost like a yelp, I thought it was a dog barking. honestly, at first," said Vincent Concessi.

It was then that Concessi, an employee at Quanta Containers, realized it was a woman's voice yelling help after he turned off his loud machine.

Taylor police say Wednesday morning an employee of Bed Bath and Beyond on Eureka parked her truck and popped open her umbrella ready to head in for her 8 a.m. shift.

A man walked up to her, shoved a gun in her face and forced her to move to the passenger seat. The man then drove her truck to the parking lot of a Super 8 motel.

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He then allegedly demanded $500 from her, claiming his sister had been abducted and was being held for ransom. The woman told him she only had a few bucks on her. She told police the man then took her to a Meijer parking lot on Pardee Road then, drove her around to a Huntington Bank ATM with his gun still pointed at her.

"Just about anything you can imagine basically happens to her it seems," Concessi said.

Taylor police say the woman gave him her pin so he could take out $100. After getting the cash, police say the man then drove down Huron Street then, reaching a dead end, police say the man forced her out and began choking her with the cord from her phone charger.

During the attack, the woman felt her legs give out and she fell to the ground, passing out in a muddy puddle. She woke up about 30 minutes later.

"In the background I heard a very faint 'Help, help' when I was standing on the dock," he said. "She told me that she just woke up and the truck was already half way down the street."

The woman was understandably hysterical and barely able to catch her breath.

"She felt like she was still in a panic, like someone was still chasing after her," he said.

Taylor police - and the woman's husband then arrived. All were amazed - and grateful she made it out alive."

"I was glad I was able to help her," he said. "I'm glad she's safe and God bless her."

Detroit police caught the man later that night and charges are expected Friday.