Man who 'should be dead' after electric shock is alive, well and thankful

"I took my left hand and I wrapped the coax around it, and I took my right hand, and I was pulling it. My buddy lost control of it, I told him to let go."

So he did. but what about Adam?

"I didn't let go in time," he said. "I saved him."

But he could not save himself. The electricity, 4,800 volts went shooting through him. About 70 percent of Adam's body was completely burned. 

He lost a hand and a toe. while the shock also scarred Adam's chest, his back and his head. There were wounds all over him.

"They didn't think I was going to make it," he said.

"One of the nurses told me, that I should go home and make funeral arrangements," said his wife Felicia. "The doctor picked me up off the floor and gave me hug and said 'it's going to be okay.'"

"My will was strong," Adam said.

Adam was in a coma for a month, in the burn unit for nine weeks. So far he has had at least 15 surgeries. 

He spent a lot of time at Detroit Receiving Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center  the doctors were amazed that he survived. 

Many even said that there was an explanation for his survival but they didn't have it. 

Adam begs to differ.

"I know I have," he said. "Because  I know the God that I serve."

Felicia said it has not been easy since the incident, which has changed their lives.

His wife, is now Adam's full-time caregiver and anything else this father can't do, she does. 

But traveling with Adam in their Ford 150 truck is tough.

"He can not get in there," Felicia said. 

The family is in desperate need of a motorized lift for the truck, to help Adam get up and get around.

"I'm very proud that he is not dwelling on his loses," Felicia said. "But looking at his gains."

"This was no big deal to me," Adam said.

What is a big deal for him, is being with his family and focusing on his future, his faith and the gifts, he is so grateful for.

"I'm going to get a prosthetic and I'm going to do what I was doing before," he said.

"He came home two days before Christmas and I was so thankful," Felicia said.

"It's just phenomenal what God has done for me," Mark said.

"He's going to overcome," Felicia said.

Adam also wants to thank Lincoln Park police, fire and emergency medical technicians for what they did to help save him.

The family has a GoFundMe account: