Manager acting inappropriately caught on camera

A general manager makes a catwalk out of a pizza bar. Stripping down for an after party at Stevi B's Pizza soon after closing time.

The video was taken inside the restaurant by Facebook user Anthony Preston, located on West Road off I-75. It shows the manager dancing on top a buffet bar with the music cranked, and food in the kitchen being thrown like confetti. CLICK HERE to see the original social media post.

Stevi B's posted an apology on their Facebook page saying "I'm very sorry for the videos that were uploaded by a disgruntled former employee." Continuing on, "We count on the business from the community and our horrified that these events took place." Promising parties like this won't be happening again.

Shortly after the restaurant made that post, it was taken down and the restaurant's page removed altogether. We also tried to reach the owner at the restaurant, but no one had any further comment.

A spokesperson sent FOX 2 this statement on behalf of the company:

Stevi B's Pizza Buffet was shocked and appalled by the behavior and videos featuring two employees of the Woodhaven, MI franchisee’s restaurant. This is an isolated incident at this location and the behavior is against everything Stevi B’s stands for in serving our guests in Michigan and across the country. The
employees in the videos were immediately terminated by the franchisee due to this incident, and the restaurant was thoroughly cleaned to meet Stevi B’s strict cleanliness and food handling standards. Additionally, the restaurant will unfortunately be closing later this week, which is unrelated to this recent incident.

FOX 2 has also sent messages to the manager seen in the video, but has received no response. However according to her Facebook page, she has left her job at Stevi B's as of Saturday evening.

The trending video reaching more than 108,000 views and counting, with hundreds of shares and comments. The former employee who posted it though making no apologies, and leaving the post up and public. Stating that the going away party was worth burning a bridge.