Mark Wahlberg walks red carpet at Detroit Wahlburgers promotion

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Greektown is a popular spot but it takes a special person to demand a crowd like this.

Actor Mark Wahlberg walked the red carpet during a promotion for his family's latest "Wahlburgers" restaurant opening Wednesday night.

He believes Detroit is the perfect location for his popular burger joint.

"Detroit is all about family too, you know" he said. "And it’s all about hard work. People want to work hard, go out and experience great food in a family atmosphere. This reminds me very much of Boston."

Wahlburgers restaurant is documented in the reality series that goes by the same name. And Wahlberg says you can expect to see some Detroit episodes in the upcoming season.

"We've been shooting a lot here," he said. "Because we want to obviously bring a lot of attention, not only to Wahlburgers but to the area of Greektown, the casino, this whole area, and any other locations we're looking at in Michigan."

Wahlberg is also in town shooting the latest Transformers movie. He says he loves Detroit -- and plans on spending a lot of time here which is great news for his local fans.

Wahlburgers the restaurant  is expected to open sometime in the very near future.