Marygrove College dropping undergrad programs

Marygrove College is closing its undergraduate programs and will only offer Master's degree programs beginning January 2018, the college announced. The college says it will continue to operate in the Detroit's Fitzgerald neighborhood, but will reduce its faculty and staff.

The college says its closing its undergraduate studies "to remain viable for the future."

"Regrettably, Marygrove has experienced the same enrollment and financial issues as many liberal arts colleges across the country and the state. Vigorous marketing and recruitment efforts have failed to provide sufficient revenue from our undergraduate programs to continue operations as usual," said Marygrove President Elizabeth Burns, MD, in a statement. "A recent analysis found that Marygrove is not sustainable in its current business model. And undergraduate enrollment is projected to be lower than last fall."

In recent years, Marygrove enrollment peaked in 2013 with more than 1,850 graduate and undergraduate students. In Fall 2016, total enrollment had fallen to 966.

Marygrove says incoming and returning students have been notified, and that their academic advisors will help find alternative colleges.

Marygrove says it is also assisting affected faculty and staff with their career transition.

Marygrove is located in detroit at McNichols Road and Wyoming Avenue.