Masked break-in crew scared off by Novi homeowner

A nice dinner out Thursday night and a Novi couple came home to intruders. A gated community in Novi became the scene of the crime off Eight Mile near Haggerty.

"It’s secure, but it’s not foolproof," said Police Capt. Jason Meier.

Meier says the crew of four likely walked onto this family’s property through the backyard.

They were caught on security cameras – nosing around, trying to get inside the home but scared off by the homeowner.

"Fortunately he and his family were safe. they went to a nearby neighbor's house to call the police, which is the right thing to do," Meier said. "We ask that you don’t confront people like this because you never know."

Police say it’s too early to tell if this specific house was targeted – however, they’ve had no other similar reports behind these gates or in the area.

"We had a canine track and (it) ended abruptly so we assumed it was a vehicle parts of the business nearby.

Even though – these guys could be literally anybody in this video, security video is always key for investigators.

"It gives us intelligence as to how they’re operating in the ways they’re making entry," he said. "And hopefully we can tell that to other break-ins in other communities, and we can put a case together and that way."

Novi police are keeping some details close to the vest as they work the case – but definitely looking for tips on this one.

"We’ll take it will take any information you have," the captain said. "Because sometimes it’s the littlest thing that helps break a case."