Masked suspect leaves suspicious package outside Guardian Building

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The suspect who left the package was wearing a mask and a construction helmet. 

It's still not clear what was inside, but police are searching for the suspect who left it behind.

"I had just seen a person with a white bed sheet," he said. "He had a package covered and dropped it off by Guardian door here."

"It seemed like it had a motion detector so I knew had to evacuate building," he said.

Workers piled outside the building and police were called to investigate the package that came with instructions.

And searching for the man pictured and the vehicle he was driving.

Security officials say workers were allowed back inside just before noon and they are pleased with how things went.

"I already texts my supervisor and asked to go to a different building," said Taylor. "I don't want to come back to this building.

"I had never seen it happen before, I was kind of scared," said Kareem Taylor of Professional Valet Service.

Craig said they're treating this like any other suspicious package report.