Massive pot hole plagues drivers in front of Detroit gas station - why has it taken so long to fix?

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Even by Michigan's standards, a caved-in sidewalk near a Detroit gas station looks pretty bad.

Naturally, residents have their own predictions of what the damage could cause.

"That's terrible, that's bad," said Anthony Muse. "A car could get stuck there."

Only this time, that prediction came true. A car did get stuck in a Citgo gas station pot hole - sort of. On April 26 at McNichols and Schaefer, a white sedan pulled into the gas station when 'boom' its hydraulics shift into overdrive and bounce the car in and out as its bumper comes loose.

"I'm very mad," said Mohamad Mallah, the owner of the gas station. "I have a greenlight gas station near a hospital. A lot of people come visit us."

The owner has called about the problem in the past. He asked the water department to fix it - which they did - sort of. After repairing a broken water main, the Detroit Water and Sewage Department had yet to repair the sidewalk. 

Then, the hole got deeper and deeper. 

Despite Mallah's wishes, a permanent fix can't be made until the rain stops. And it's been raining a lot.

"The weather hasn't been cooperating with us for to do our final restoration," said Palencia Mobley, deputy director and chief engineer of the DWSD. "It's been raining and you can't pour concrete when it's raining."

There are temporary fixes however. Mobley took a look at the photo of the sidewalk and said "We could go back and put a temporary restoration on that," even if it's raining. She was emphatic they could - and would.