McNamara Terminal trams out of service at DTW for next few months

We know the drill: holidays and winter weather mean give yourself a little extra time to get to the airport. 

But if you're flying out of Detroit Metro Airport's McNamara Terminal anytime soon, the extra time recommendation will apply to you, too. 

The two trams that run throughout the terminal are currently out of service -- and the terminal is a mile long. The maintenance, now in its third and final stage, is scheduled to go through April 12, 2019. 

"With any piece of equipment you have to make sure you are maintaining it properly. We plan ahead to make sure we can provide this continuous service, granted we have to shut it down for four months so we can overhaul the equipment properly," explained Mike Rudzinski with the Wayne County Airport Authority. 

Airport officials have posted an alert on their website and plastered signs throughout the terminal. Messages can also be found on boarding passes and heard during in-flight announcements. 

The movable walkways along the terminal will be working, and wheelchair assistance is available if needed. 

"At this time of year things can slow down a little bit so that was the best time for us to take both trams out of service and finish the last part of the project," Rudzinski said. 

Its all part of a $13 million improvement plan that includes updates to the trams' software and hardware, air conditioning system, door controls and carpeting. They're upgrades aimed at making your trip more convenient and comfortable and, of course, safer and more reliable.