Meadow Brook Hall offers COVID safe historic house tours

Meadow Brook Hall is a historic site with a lot of history, and new tours will allow guests to explore the home gardens, grand hallways, and hidden secrets. 

Katie Higgins, Marketing manager for Meadow Brook Hall, says the tours give visitors a chance to explore the world that automotive aristocracies lived in.

Higgins says that COVID precautions are taking place during each tour. 

"We have more health and safety measures now than ever before, and this includes everything from mask requirement social distancing, signage hand sanitizer stations to we've created the tour out to go in only One Direction, so you don't have people milling about," Higgins says. 

Higgins explained that because of the pandemic Meadow Brook Hall was closed most of last year.

Higgins also says that because they are nonprofit and rely heavily on special events to keep running, the time closed was difficult. 

"In 1929, when Meadowbrook hall was built, it cost about $4 million to create in 1929 money. Today it takes about $4 million each year just to keep our doors open," Higgins says. 

If you would like to visit this historic site, please click HERE. You must buy tickets in advance.