Members of Congress meet with Albanian man avoiding deportation

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Uncontrollable tears from a wife whose husband is facing deportation. 

Flora Rranxburgaj and her husband Ded were visited by three members of Congress and community leaders Friday. They spent time with the family as they take up sanctuary at Central United Methodist Church. 

"It's very hard for me," Ded Rranxburgaj said. "It looks like I'm in prison for something."

Flora is considered safe from deportation. He was granted a Humanitarian visa because she suffers from a medical condition, MS. Ded has been unable to gain legal status and if he walks out of this church he could be sent back to his country in Albania.

"It's very hard for me," he said. "Very hard for me and my family."

But three Democratic Congress members, Representatives Debbie Dingell and Brenda Lawrence from Michigan, along with Luis Gutierrez from Illinois are vowing to fight for immigration reform to keep this family together.

"We never think that our government is going to be the destructive force of a marriage," said Luis Gutierrez.

These politicians say the time is now for immigration reform.

"I'm dealing with every single day," said Dingell. "They are human beings."

"One of the things we're confronted with, is write a law, write a bill, if you want to fix immigration but the Republican Party will not bring the bills forward," said Lawrence.

That's why some are calling for voters to take action to get change.

"November this year you need to elect people to the Congress of the United States that are going to enact and promote comprehensive immigration reform." 

Community members say it's this inaction that's tearing families apart like Cindy Garcia from Lincoln Park whose husband was deported to Mexico earlier this year and she does not want the Rranxburgaj family to feel her pain. 

(If they) want to do something for this family, stop with all the injustice keep this family together," Garcia said.

"We can't continue like this as a country," Lawrence said. "We're better than this and the fact that we are not showing compassion as a county is embarrassing."