Kids dropped to safety from fire • Memorial Day weekend weather • Impacts of Ascension cyberattack

Numerous people escaped a burning Detroit apartment early Friday.

One woman dropped two children to safety after the fire, which started around 1 a.m. at the building on Michigan Avenue and 51st.

"There was people hanging out the windows. There was a mother who actually dropped her two children out the window," Detroit Fire Chief Christian Spitzig said.

Those who were rescued from the building were taken to a hospital for injuries, including smoke inhalation and possible broken bones. One woman is currently in critical condition from smoke inhalation.

A firefighter also suffered minor burns to their face while battling the flames.  

All apartment units in the building were destroyed, and the storefront below the homes likely suffered water damage, too.


Woman drops 2 children to safety from burning Southwest Detroit apartment

Two children are safe after a woman dropped them out of a burning Southwest Detroit apartment to someone below early Friday.

Memorial Day weather

Today will be dry, but that isn't the case for the whole weekend.

Overnight Friday into Saturday, it will rain. The rain fades, making for a nice Saturday with highs near 80. 

The dry afternoon weather sticks around into Sunday until the evening, when thunderstorms and rain will bubble up.

Monday, temps dip and more rain moves in. Highs will be in the low 70s with a few showers scattered through the day.


Memorial Day weather: Some rain in the forecast this weekend

It'll be another 10 in the weather world as we wind down the workweek, but rain chances popup throughout Memorial Day weekend.

Car falls into sinkhole

A sinkhole in Southwest Detroit that keeps growing swallowed up a car.

Shawn Bundy, a witness, said he had only seen such a thing in movies.

"I heard a boom, I ain't going to lie – I thought somebody got shot," he said.

Bundy was driving an armored truck when it happened. He said the woman inside the sedan was pulled to safety from her driver’s seat by someone above.

FOX 2 was told the woman was shaken but not hurt.

"I'm afraid to walk over there because, who knows, the rest might fall in," said Tabitha Alsobrook, who lives nearby.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) came out Thursday morning and marked it for repair – a day after someone called. However, the road remained open, leading to the car driving into the hole.


Woman drives into large sinkhole in southwest Detroit, repairs underway

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) came out Thursday morning and marked the sinkhole for repair.

Nurse describes impact of Ascension cyberattack

The cyberattack against Ascension Health started on May 8, when it was first detected and it’s still going, knocking out computer systems.

FOX 2 spoke with a nurse who works for one of our local hospitals who wanted to remain anonymous, but gave us an inside look.

"It’s tough. But it’s kind of rewarding too, because we’re still able to care for the patients," the nurse said.

The Ascension nurse says they have experienced the technological fallout from the attack, firsthand.

"It’s been challenging because we’ve relied on the computers so long, now we’ve had to go back to paper," the nurse said. "Radiology would get the orders on the computer, instead we have to hand write the order and make sure it is delivered to them."

That means what was once as simple as the click of a button — can take a lot longer.

"We usually brag about our turnaround time," the nurse said. "It’s less than three hours. You’re not seeing that. So the patients have to have a little patience of their own."


Ascension nurse gives firsthand account of cyberattack's impact on health system

"We’re working closer together, because we all have the heart where patient care comes first," she said. "That’s something that no hacker can take away is our heartfelt service to others."

2 found guilty in Hutch's Jewelry murder

The man who plotted the murder and the man who shot Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson were found guilty Thursday.

After a week and a half of testimony, jurors deliberated for a couple hours and found Marco Bisbikis and Roy Larry guilty of all charges, including murder.

Authorities say Bisbikis, who was the popular jeweler's lawyer, wrote himself into Hutchinson's will just a couple of months before he was killed. Bisbikis plotted the murder with several other people, including Larry, who shot Hutchinson outside his pawn shop on June 1, 2022.

Larry denied being the shooter and took the stand in his own defense.

"I never changed my story - I never lied to them not one time," Roy Larry said.

Bisbikis did not testify.

Both men will be sentenced next month.


Hutch's Jeweler killed: Both suspects convicted in murder-for-hire plot

Marco Bisbikis and Roy Larry were both charged with killing Dan Hutchinson, the owner of Hutch's Jewelry in Oak Park.

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Today will be pleasant, with highs around 80.

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Apple iPhone $35M settlement: You could be eligible for up to $349

A $35 million settlement fund has been established following a class action lawsuit involving audio issues on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.

The lawsuit, filed against Apple Inc. ("Apple") in 2019, addressed alleged audio issues linked to the "audio IC" chip in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices used between Sept. 16, 2016, and Jan. 3, 2023. Apple denies any wrongdoing and disputes the claims.

If you have received an email or postcard notification from the Settlement Administrator, it means you might be a member of the Settlement Class eligible for compensation.


Apple iPhone $35M settlement: You could be eligible for up to $349

A $35 million settlement fund has been established following a class action lawsuit involving audio issues on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.