Metro Detroit weather: Cold with some snow Wednesday morning

We'll keep the cold and add some snow to the mix! Light snow breaking out across SE Michigan this morning won't amount to much, and while I don't think everyone gets enough to coat the roads, some will lead to slick travel in spots at times. Any snow totals will remain .5" or less. 

The snow is over by 8 a.m. and the sun will peek out with nothing more than a passing flurry late in the day. 

Cold and quiet weather tonight and Thursday looks to remain dry with just a lower chance of light precipitation late Thursday. If it does in fact materialize, and it might not, it will be light and brief in nature. Nothing major. A better chance for rain exists Friday night which will last into Saturday morning. This is rain for all, not just in spots. Check out FOX Futurecast Saturday morning. 

This, as low pressure draws in another round of warm weather that will last into the first part of Saturday before temperatures fall by afternoon. But! Not to our current levels. And next week will likely wind up above average.