Metro Detroit Weather: Sunny and dry for most of southeast Michigan this weekend

That 97-degree day on Wednesday? It's history. Oh, we know it will be back, but for now, this weekend and the next 7 days look absolutely outstanding.

People complain a lot about the weather in Michigan in the winter but look no further than this first weekend of summer to see what makes Michigan so great this time of year.

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We'll start Friday on a crisp, cool, and refreshing note as we warm up well into the 80's. Grab those sunglasses because there won't be a cloud in the bright sky. 

And prepare yourselves because that is going to stick around. A high pressure shifting to our east keeps the warm air coming into the weekend but humidity does start to build a bit, especially on Sunday.

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 There shouldn't be a ton of rain - not like last June when we were all under flash flood warnings, that's for sure - but the rain and mugginess do build a bit. That's because of a cold front coming in late Sunday.

We'll turn cooler behind Sunday's cold front, high temps drop into the 70's to start next week before we climb back up into the upper 80s by next Thursday.

This week is why people live here.

Houghton Lake on June 24, 2022.