Miami police find $24 million cash hidden inside home in drug raid

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During a drug raid in Miami, police find $24 million stashed away in a home.

According to the Miami Herald, most of the cash was bundled in increments of $100, placed in vacuum-sealed bags, and stuffed inside dozens of orange Home Depot-branded buckets in a secret compartment in the attic.

It is the largest cash seizure in the police department's history.

Tuesday's raid was the culmination of a six-year--long investigation into Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez. The Herald reported that Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, ran a North Miami store that sells equipment for indoor gardening. Investigators suspected the business catered to marijuana growers.

In addition to the raid on Gonzalez-Hernandez's house, where the cash was discovered, local police and federal agents raided the store, where they discovered marijuana seeds, marijuana labeled "Super Skunk" and "Chernobyl" and $180,000 in a safe.