Michigan breaks single-day COVID-19 case record -- Here's what to know about the virus this week

Michigan reported its highest number of single-day COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic as the surge continues.

There were 11,490 cases confirmed on Dec. 27, according to data on the state's COVID-19 dashboard

That's the highest single-day report of positive cases.But Monday's record could be eclipsed this week. 

On Wednesday, Michigan reported 25,858 cases over a two-day period (Tuesday, Dec. 28 and Wednesday, Dec. 29) for an average of 12,929 per day.

The state's daily positive cases are released Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but those dates are not indicative of when someone took a test. According to the state's dashboard, "cases are shown by onset date or lab specimen collection date...", meaning someone who tested on Monday but wasn't confirmed positive until Wednesday will be listed as a positive case on the day they tested - Monday.

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The country also set a record for Covid cases this week. 

On Tuesday, the U.S.'s seven-day average of new cases was 265,427. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that the previous record was 250,000 cases per day, set in mid-January.

Omicron cases in Michigan

There are now 75 cases of the omicron variant confirmed in Michigan:

  • Detroit: 22 cases
  • Macomb County: 16 cases
  • Wayne County (excluding Detroit): 10 cases
  • Oakland County: 9 cases
  • Kent County: 5 cases
  • Genesee County: 3 cases
  • Ingham County: 3 cases
  • St. Clair County: 3 cases
  • Washtenaw County: 2 cases
  • Allegan County: 1 case
  • Livingston County: 1 case

While the omicron variant appears to be mild, it is considered highly contagious. Its symptoms can seem like those of a cold or the flu, so it is easy to confuse the virus with something else and potentially spread it.

If you cold symptoms, such as a sore throat, don't self-diagnose – get a Covid test. 

Where to get a COVID-19 test

Covid tests can be found at pharmacies, doctor offices, and state facilities around Michigan.

Getting a test may be difficult, though. Some testing sites are dealing with staff shortages and limited supplies.

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Emcura, an urgent care with locations in Bloomfield Township and Northville Township, has been short-staffed this week because workers are catching Covid.

The medical director at Emcura, Dr. Manish Kesliker, said the locations are running low on supplies needed to do PCR tests.

Find a Michigan COVID-19 test site here. 

New CDC isolation guidelines

The CDC changed its guidelines for isolating and quarantining this week.

Under the new guidelines, if you test positive for Covid, you only need to isolate for five days if you are asymptomatic. However, if you have symptoms, you should still stay away from others for 10 days. 

Previously, all people who test positive for the virus were told to isolate for 10 days, regardless if they had symptoms or not. Even if you are asymptomatic, health officials say you should continue to wear a mask for the five days after your isolation.

Similarly, if you were exposed to someone with the illness, you only need to quarantine for five days. 

If you were exposed but have received the Covid booster shot and have no symptoms, you do not need to quarantine.