Michigan governor race: Whitmer's lead grows over Dixon in latest survey

The latest Detroit Free Press statewide survey shows that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is favored by 16 points over her Republican opponent in the Michigan governor race, Tudor Dixon.

Pollster Bernie Porn reports that  Dixon is winning on 41% of the issues important to voters, but Whitmer is winning on 56% of those.

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"Republicans are winning among those who choose inflation, as well as government spending and the economy and jobs, but Whitmer and the democrats are winning on all the other issues," Porn said.

That includes abortion, where Whitmer is winning over 79% of those who rank it as their top issue. 

"Abortion is influencing Democratic women and also independent women," Porn said.

He said the governor has a 42-point lead with independent female voters.

Pollster Steve Mitchell thinks the abortion issue is being blown out of proportion on motivating the vote for Whitmer.

"I'm not seeing, and I've been looking for it real hard, this huge momentum among pro-choice voters to get to the polls, but I'm also seeing strong movement for the pro-life part of it as well," Mitchell said.

Both Porn and Mitchell say the race isn't over yet, despite what the surveys show. For instance, polls showed former governor Jim Engler losing by 20 points, but he beat challenger Jim Blanchard by 17,000 votes.