Michigan House passes bill that allows people to expunge first-time drunk driving convictions

The Michigan House on Wednesday passed another bill that would allow people to expunge first-time drunken driving convictions from their records after five years, hoping the governor won't veto the measure a second time.

The Legislature passed a larger, bipartisan package of so-called clean slate bills last year, but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pocket vetoed a separate bill that included the initial drunken driving conviction expungement option by letting it expire without signing it.

Proponents of allowing people to seek to expunge old criminal convictions say it can make it much easier for them to find jobs and housing.

Under the new bill, convictions for drunken driving offenses that resulted in serious bodily harm or the death of another person would not be eligible for expungement. People whose convictions do qualify could apply for expungement five years after they finish serving any jail or prison time and probation.

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The bill now heads to the Senate for final approval before it would go to Whitmer, who has not indicated whether she supports it and didn't respond to requests for comment about the measure.