Michigan legislature chucks bill that would repeal sales tax on diapers

Legislation to repeal the sales tax on diapers didn’t get enough votes to pass the Michigan state House on Tuesday.

All diapers from babies to adult briefs and incontinence pads would have been included in the 6% sales tax exemption in an effort to improve affordability of such hygiene products.

The legislation was introduced after the elimination of the so-called "tampon tax" was signed into law last November, having garnered bipartisan support in the Legislature. Since February, the sales tax on all menstrual products in the state has been removed.

The tax exemption on menstrual products passed the House 94-13 while the diaper tax exemption bills fell short at 49-54 and 50-53.

"This vote lets down Michigan families young and old," bill sponsor GOP Rep. Julie Alexander of Hanover said in a news release. "Diapers and briefs are essential to good health and hygiene — making them a regular expense for those who need them."

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Communications Director for the House Republicans Gideon D’Assandro said Tuesday the legislation didn’t advance today because Democrats were upset by the six month suspension of the state’s gas tax that cleared the House last week and then the Senate Tuesday. Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has said she will veto the suspension.

Alexander and her Republican colleagues have the majority in the House, but some Republicans voted against her bills Tuesday.