Michigan Senate sends 'Red Flag' bill to Whitmer after legislative approval

Michigan Democrats are one step closer to passing another bill from their slew of gun safety proposals after the state Senate approved a revised version of a "red flag" law.

The Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation passed 20-17, days after the state House approved the bill by a narrow margin. It now heads to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's desk for signing.

The bill would give courts the authority to remove a firearm from a household if someone who resides there is a threat to themselves or others. Whitmer signed bills dealing with safe storage and expanded background checks last week.

The trio of bills was part of a flurry of lawmaking that Democrats began after obtaining their new majorities in each chamber. It was also in response to the mass shooting at Michigan State University where three students were killed and several others were injured.

The bills have been unanimously opposed by Republicans.

"This law will save lives. What is clear, after years of witnessing horrific gun violence across school campuses, places of worship, and elsewhere, is that some people simply should not have firearms," said Attorney General Dana Nessel. "And often, whether the need to remove a person’s access to a firearm is acute or enduring, there are egregious and abundant warning signs."

Michigan is the 20th state to enact a "red flag" law.

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While the Michigan Sheriff's Association has supported the bill, two sheriffs from Presque Isle and Alpena both announced opposition to it.

"These laws trample all over the constitutional rights of the people that I’ve sworn to protect," stated Presque Isle Sheriff Joe Brewbaker in a Monday release.