Michigan State Police say road rage on I-94 led to freeway shooting Sunday night

Michigan State Police are investigating a freeway shooting that happened late Sunday night on I-94.

Law enforcement says the shooting started as a case of road rage before it turned into something more violent. 

While there were no injuries, the victim did have his vehicle damaged during the shooting.

Police say around 7 p.m., a man traveling eastbound on I-94 between Woodward and I-75 said he heard shots had been fired at his vehicle.

The scene started when one driver performed a brake check on the other. This forced the first car to pass the vehicle before doing the same.

Eventually, the offending vehicle pulled up alongside the passenger side of the victim and began firing. 

Around 2-3 rounds were fired before the two vehicles separated.

The suspect vehicle exited I-94 at Van Dyke in an unknown direction of travel. 

The shooting closed down the highway for several hours.

Police are still investigating the shooting.