Michigan State shooting survivors plan to sue university

Two victims who survived the Michigan State University shooting plan to sue the university, according to notices of intent filed Monday.

Nate Statly and Troy Forbush were one of five people who were shot and survived when Anthony McRae opened fire in Berkey Hall and the MSU Union on Feb. 13. Three students were also killed.

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Statly and Forbush were both attending a class in Berkey Hall when they were shot. Their lawyers say they have suffered severe and permanent injuries.

According to the filings, the school knew about defective safety conditions on campus but did not address them. The filings also note how there were no restrictions to access buildings.

McRae, who was not a student and had no affiliation with the school, was able to walk into two buildings. The school has since changed access rules for buildings between after 6 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m. and added locks to classroom doors.

"The university's decision to ignore complaints – regarding the lack of restrictions, the general and public access to campus buildings, and the failure to correct known defective conditions and security measures – resulted in unreasonably dangerous risk of injury," the lawyers wrote.

MSU spokesperson Dan Olsen responded to the filings:

"Many lives among our community have been profoundly impacted by the violence our campus experienced. We are heartbroken and sorry for the tragic loss of life and each person harmed by senseless gun violence. MSU has been engaged in conversations with the families of those we lost and those injured to identify ways to provide ongoing support, and we are committed to keeping those lines of communication open."