Michigan State warns students of man with knife on campus, suspect arrested

In the wake of the Feb. 13 shooting on campus at Michigan State University, students, faculty, and staff are understandably on edge if they receive another notification about someone armed on campus. That's exactly what happened on Tuesday.

Around 1 p.m., MSU Police sent out an emergency alert to the campus after a man was spotted on campus with a knife. The man was taken into custody and nobody was injured.

Police Chief Chris Rozman said the police department is aware that people are more sensitive to alerts after last month's shooting but it was important to alert students.

"On the heels of the violence that we experienced last month, we know that this experience may have been impactful for many and the alerts that we sent may have invoked a range of emotions. We validate that and acknowledge that while wanting to provide an accurate update at the same time," Rozman said.

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According to police, a man was at a business off campus in downtown East Lansing and was seen walking out of the location with a knife after "an altercation" between him and the employees of the business. 

The man then walked across Grand River and onto Michigan State Campus, prompting the alert.

"We did err on the side of caution, and we launched an MSU alert and sent an emergency notification, letting our community know that somebody with a weapon was possibly on campus. We quickly responded with MSU police officers and East Lansing police officers and we were in the area quickly. Officers did locate the suspect at another business in downtown East Lansing. They did safely take him into custody. Nobody was injured," Rozman said.

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