Michigan woman's bird photo booth pictures get thousands of fans

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You could say Lisa is a bit of a bird watcher - and blue birds are her favorite.

She has an actual spy cam in her bird house and invites them to visit, enticing them with their favorite food - mealworms.

"We just see the male bluebird coming in for lunch," Lisa said.

Watching them in her backyard and even when she can't see them in their birdhouse high above.

"When she starts building her nest - when she starts laying her eggs, when the babies are in there - I can see what is going on," she said.

And she has video of all of it - thanks to that spy cam - the nest building, the babies, it's fascinating but it is what she's capturing with a bird house photo booth - that's what has social media literally, going to the birds.

FOX 2: "This is going to take how many pictures?"

"Twelve thousand to 13,000," she said. "(In a day)."

Her username is "Ostdrossel" on social media, the German native who moved to Michigan six years ago has been capturing tens of thousands of photos each day for the last two years - capturing the attention of tens of thousands of people online.

"That's a female a cardinal, a little nuthatch, that's a woodpecker," she said going through photos.

Lisa says when she moved to Michigan she was struck by the beauty and the (bird) songs. And the variety of birds in her own backyard, birds so different from the ones back home.

"Stuff like the Cardinals and I noticed the birds too like a Blue jay or Grackle and I was like, oh my gosh, they look so different - they are so colorful," she said. "Somebody told me there were hummingbirds and I was like oh my gosh this is like, exotic."

So she set out to photograph the hummingbirds and everybody else with a couple of photo booths that double as bird feeders - a box with a macro lense, battery, and tiny camera that's motion-activated or time lapse. 

She gets video, too. Sometimes it's harsh - the dreaded starlings raiding the birdfeeders - stealing all the food - the doves fighting over dinner.

Sometimes they're tender moments - like a dad feeding his baby blue bird. 

"They are all quirky and interesting," she said.

FOX 2: "Who are the biggest camera hogs?"

"The doves and the Blue Jays," she said.

They've got a lot of personality - and capturing that has allowed her to raise awareness about birds and their habitat.

"You can help animals and you can help protect nature and I think that's a pretty cool aspect of it," Lisa said.

And it's pretty cool she's been able to share her passion with so many people through social media.

"Just to enjoy it is kind of cool," Lisa said. "And of course it's nice that people appreciate it and I can share it with them."

You can follow Lisa and her birds on social media - they can find her at OSTDROSSEL on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pintrest.