Michigan Works, Washtenaw County team up to help people expunge their criminal records

Some people are eligible to have their criminal records expunged thanks to recent Michigan law changes.

Expungement means that the crime does not appear publicly, and you do not need to disclose it. This means that if you apply for a job, home rental, or assistance, the crime will not show up on a background check. It can still be viewed by law enforcement and other officials.

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Expungement fairs are being held around the state to help people determine if they are eligible and provide assistance with the process.

If your conviction was in Washtenaw County, you can attend a fair Saturday in Ann Arbor. There are certain eligibility requirements a person must meet in order to have their crime expunged. Fairs will help determine if you qualify.

The event at the Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center will free provide eligibility checks, application assistance, and legal help.  

The fair is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 4135 Washtenaw Ave. Register here.