Michigan's divided GOP could split and form political shadow party

The Michigan Republican Party is so badly divided that there are multiple groups considering forming their own political shadow party to regain control of the legislature.

Last month, the GOP elected ultra conservative outsider Kristina Karamo as the new state party chair. She beat out Matt DePerno, the former candidate for state attorney general. It's a remarkable elevation for a figure who was relatively unknown within her own party before announcing her intention to run for office two years ago. It's believed that now, the traditional GOP big money class will not contribute to their party. 

Former Republican Vice Chair Scott Greenlee ran for the seat and lost. He said with Karamo in charge, there are a lot of questions.

"They are in a very much wait and see and very hesitant mode to engage with the party," Greenlee said.

He told Tim Skubick that he doubts they'll open their checkbooks for Karamo.

The major money players in the party are reportedly discussing how to form their own political operation to win back control of the Michigan House while also funding a Republican who can win Debbie Stabenow's U.S. Senate seat.

If an unprecedented split happens, there are rumors that a group of funders who are basically going to ignore the Republican Party hierarchy.

"I've heard that. I haven't had any of those meetings but ive heard there are a number of people, so not just one group, but there multiple guns that are trying to from and trying to figure it out and i think those groups have got to work together if they are going to be successful," Greenlee said.

Unconfirmed players in this would be shadow Republican Party include Dick and Betsey DeVos, former state GOP chairs Ron Weiser, Bobby Schostack and others.

Current chair Karamo says she will find other deep pocket Republicans to fund the candidates that she and the anti-establishment GOP want who will then face candidates from the old establishment. This could set up a potential intra-party political civil war.

Kristina Karamo speaks at a campaign event when she ran for and lost Secretary of State in 2022.