Midwest 'crime tourist' ring suspected in high-end Oakland County burglaries

The highest-end homes in Oakland County have become targets like near Turtle Lake in Bloomfield Township. It is just one neighborhood in the country that fell victim to an unusual rash of burglaries.

"The common theme is high-end homes," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "Jewelry, cash high-end watches, purses."

Sources said in some cases – hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuables are gone, and it’s believed an international crime ring is behind it all, so-called crime tourists.

"It's frightening I mean I have three small children," said Lynn Dado, Oakland County resident. "I live right in this area. It's scary."

Dado, a mom, couldn’t believe it - an international crime ring?

"One of the reasons we love this area is because it is so safe it's such a nice community," she said. "You're kind of insulated from a lot of the crime that happens."

Sheriff Bouchard says they’re launching a full-court press against the crew which has hit as many as 10 luxury homes, after whatever they can swoop in and grab.

He says – for now, they strike when no one’s home, and are able to outsmart some security setups.

"At this point they don’t appear to be confrontational, but anybody that’s going to come into a home, we always presume that’s a possibility," Bouchard said.

"Somewhat shocking, but maybe not, but looking at the country at large right now, there is a wave of crime," said Mohammad Gazi, Oakland County resident

As investigators from agencies all over connect the dots – it looks like these crime tourists - traverse the Midwest…violating high-end homes, as they go.

"People have to feel safe at their home," he said.

Bouchard says it is a good idea to have security cameras at your house and security sensors in your home.