Milford Memories Summer Festival returns to excited crowds after 1-year hiatus

Milford Memories Summer Festival returned this summer after a year of hiatus. (well covid canceled it in 2020 so it would just be a one-year hiatus.

COVID-19 did not stop the festivities this time.

Restrictions were in place, and guests were able to have fun with minimal risks. 

Music, food, and fun were all a focus for vendors, artists, and guests who have not seen each other in months.

"We make vinyl records. We take scratched and beat up vinyl records and turn them into artwork" said Dan Stephens, a vendor from Ohio.

Between art, music beer, jewelry, and much more residents had many options to enjoy. 

According to guests attendees always struggle what is the best part of the annual festival. 

"It's probably the food," said Gary Johnson.

"No, no, for him it's food, but for us, it's the arts and crafts," said Stephanie Johnson.

The festival went from August 13th to the 15th. 

Visit: for more information about the future of the festival.