Millennials are moving to these cities – and it’s not Los Angeles or NYC

Millennials may be moving less than before, but they still accounted for 18% of all moves across state lines in 2023, according to analysis of U.S. Census data. 

But where are millennials flocking to these days? Well, spoiler: It’s not Los Angeles or New York City.

A new study by Hire A Helper found that many millennials are moving to cities and metropolitan areas in warmer locations, much like retirees.

A millennial’s top location? Tampa, Florida.

Millennials moving to Florida, Las Vegas

The moving company found that Tampa, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida had the highest net gain of millennial residents in the country in 2023.

Sandwiched between these two cities was Las Vegas, Nevada, which saw 52% more millennials move in than leave last year.

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The Gen Z magnet Austin, Texas was also high up on the board, with 47% more millennials moving in versus moving out of the city in 2023.

Top metros for millennials

  1. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL: 95% (Net Millennial Moves)
  2. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV: 56%
  3. Jacksonville, FL: 54%
  4. Nashville-Davidson-Franklin, TN: 53%
  5. Austin-Round Rock, TX: 47%
  6. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT: 40%
  7. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ: 39%
  8. Oklahoma City, OK: 38%
  9. Richmond, VA: 38%
  10. Raleigh, NC: 37%

Bottom metros for millennials

According to the state-level findings, metro areas in New York and California were losing the most millennials. 

Both the New York City and San Jose, CA metros had over 50% more millennials leave than move in.

Interestingly, Florida and Texas featured metros on both sides of the scale. 


A group of young friends gather and use their cellphones in front of a bar. (Credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

While the data found that millennials were moving to metros around Tampa, Jacksonville and Austin, the findings showed they were also moving out of El Paso, Texas and Miami, Florida. 

Millennials moving for better housing, job

Of the millennials who did relocate in 2023, the study found that the three main drivers were "Wanting new or better housing," "New job or job transfer" or "To establish own household." 

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But, according to a new analysis by Zillow, this year’s best markets for first-time home buyers mainly in the Midwest.

The top two markets in Zillow’s ranking, St. Louis and Detroit, scored well in terms of affordability and for the number of affordable homes available to buy. 

Other cities including Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Austin made the list.

Amid ongoing inflation and high interest rates, some states are even offering relocation packages for new residents, with some cities offering as much as $20,000 in incentives to newcomers.

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"New residents mean growth, economically and culturally. Leaders are recognizing this opportunity, and assembling relocation programs that make the moves a little easier, and integrate new residents into the community," the company MakeMyMove said.

According to the company, workers should look into places including Tulsa, Oklahoma; Indiana; Topeka, Kansas; West Virginia; Columbus, Georgia; and Mayfield, Kentucky.