Mind, Body Workout turns life around

When 44-year-old David Mitchell looks back at old pictures of himself, it takes him to a low point. He wasn't sure he wanted to live.

"I was very overweight; I was not comfortable with myself; my father died."

But that was three years ago. So what turned this corporate attorney's life around? Not what, but who -- 52-year-old Anthony Moses, a personal trainer, wellness coach and competitive body builder. He, too, has seen some low points.

At 11-years-old, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

"I was given a couple of years to live ... as a child ... because back then, they didn't know what Crohn's was," Anthony says.

The inflamatory bowel disease sent Anthony in and out of the hospital.

"Everything I ate just went through my body," he says.

But then something happened. Anthony discovered a passion for body building, and was eventually able to compete. At the same time, he was developing an understanding for mental and spiritual strength.

"Waking up every day and being grateful that you woke up, just taking that moment when you wake up to feel how you feel and now you recognize how you feel, and then when you go through the next moment you can recognize why your energy and your moods changed," Anthony says. 

That's what's helped David change his body -- he changed his mind, too.

"I was in a very bad place spiritually, emotionally, physically," David says. 

At Anthony's new location of A.M. Total Being Fitness in Southfield, the focus is on spirituality but also on science.

David is down 80 pounds and he's now a marathoner.

"Two years ago, there was no way; I couldn't even run around the block and now I did two marathons this year," David says.

And he's planning to do even more in 2016. A.M. Total Being Fitness is on Southfield Road.