MISSING: Noah Kerridge went for a walk in Waterford, hasn't been seen in 2 months

It has been nearly two months since 20-year-old Noah Kerridge was last seen in Waterford Township.

"He went for a walk around 4:50 and that was really the last communication anybody had," said Josh Whitson, Noah's step-dad. 

Kerridge, from Lyndon, told his dad he was going for a walk to clear his head on April 19th. He was last seen leaving the apartments, where Whitson lived - off Cherokee Drive in Waterford.

Noah Kerridge never came home.  

"He blocked friends and family a couple of weeks prior to that (on social media), which is not normal," Whitson said.  

Other than that, his step-dad says Noah had no documented mental illness or odd behavior.  

When Waterford Township Police got involved in the missing person case they tracked a purchase Noah made at Meijer in Southfield, at Telegraph and 12 Mile. 

"They saw him on a camera and that was the last physical location we know where he was at," Whitson said.  

Search parties went there and also scoured anywhere the young man would go - but they found nothing, it’s like he disappeared.

The case has even gained the attention of Dateline NBC. 

The lead investigator of Waterford Township police told FOX 2 they’re actively tracking all social media trails and credit transactions Noah might have - none though since Meijer.  

He adds - they want to reunite Noah with his family and aren’t giving up hope.  

His step-dad says they are not calling this suspicious right now.  

Noah Kerridge

Noah Kerridge

"I’m going with the hope that he is fine and took off on his own will," Whitson said. 

Detectives say at the point it is not considered suspicious but Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 cash reward for any information on Noah Kerridge's whereabouts. Call 1-800-Speak-Up, you will remain anonymous.