Mom accused of leaving toddlers home alone, resulting in death of baby: "I'm not guilty"

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The mom of a baby girl who was killed in a house fire while police said she left her kids home alone is out of jail and telling her story.

The mother of two was released from jail in Romulus Thursday, four days after she was accused of leaving her toddlers home alone. On Sunday, the one and three year old were at the family house when the fire started. One-year-old Malaya was killed in the fire. The three-year-old girl was released from the hospital on Thursday, the same day her mom was released from jail. She says she's innocent.

"They let me go didn't they? That means I'm not guilty of nothing," she said she didn't leave the children home alone Sunday. "I'm heartbroken. Who wouldn't be?"

Romulus police say her three-year-old son was critically injured but is now out of the hospital and recovering, Romulus Police Capt. Derran Shelby said they're now working to gather more information and evidence to move forward with charges.

"The fire had to be terrible for those kids; to have to be there alone and basically helpless," Shelby said.

Police said they checked the home after the fire and said they discovered other signs of neglect inside. Tequila Binyard lives nearby and says her and other neighbors have witnessed it before.

"She wasn't even at the house when the fire department came so where was she and why were the babies by themselves?" Binyard said.

Neighbors describe seeing this mother partying often, sometimes until 4:00 am, all while leaving her children there for hours, alone.

"The kids were home often alone and I feel bad about the situation because maybe we should have called CPS. Maybe the baby would still be here." Binyard said.

The woman's father and grandfather of Malaya tells Fox 2 his daughter is a good mother. He said the accident was 'tragic' and asked for prayers as they prepare to bury the baby.

No charges have been filed yet but police say it won't be long. The mother, however, is moving forward with burial plans.

"I'm trying to get to my babies. To get to all my babies," the child's mom said. "(I'm going to) go see my baby. Get her some clothes so she can have a proper burial."

Police say possible charges include child endangerment or homicide, depending on what prosecutor's decide.