Mom arrested after leaving child in car, crashing wedding party

Authorities said a Dacula mom was so drunk she forgot where she left her car, and her little boy who was inside the vehicle.

Hall County Sheriff's deputies said instead of searching for the child, the mom went looking for more alcohol and crashed a wedding party. Investigators said they got a call late Saturday night about a missing child. The Lake Lanier Islands security team and eight Hall County deputies spent an hour searching for the 6-year-old boy. They found him in the backseat of his mother's car about 40-feet from the water's edge.

“The key was in the switch and the car was in neutral. About halfway down from where the vehicle was located was about a 4 to 5 foot drop off, so it could have ended much worse than what it did,” said Hall County Sheriff's Lt. Scott Ware.

Lt. Ware said while the boy was alone in the car, his mother, Gwendolyn Truby, stumbled across a wedding party and was asking guests for alcohol. Lt. Ware said Truby mentioned to someone at the party that she didn't know where she left her car or her son.

Once authorities found the car, and were certain the child was okay, Truby was arrested. She's charged with public intoxication, reckless conduct and child cruelty. The little boy was handed over to his father.