Mom arrested for child's drowning death, babysitter sought by police

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Two women, a mother and a babysitter, now face charges in the death of a 1-year-old. 

The baby girl drowned after falling through the floor into a basement filled with standing water. On Monday, a deflated purple balloon is the only thing that remains of a vigil that was held at the house a week ago for 11-month-old Camya Davis. 

At that vigil FOX 2 spoke with the child's mother who says she is not responsible for the death of her daughter but the prosecutor now says she most certainly is.

"I really don't know where to begin," said Dasiah Jordan.

That was Dasiah Jordan a week ago at the vigil for little Camya, whose death was being investigated as an accidental drowning in an unsafe home.

"(There) is something wrong with the plumbing, it's not together," Jordan said.

Camya fell down a hole in a back bedroom into a basement flooded with sewage.

"A hole where the vent probably was," Jordan said. "I don't know. I don't know. I can't tell you what happened, or what I think happened. All I can say is I'm normally here and I keep that vent covered. I don't know why it was uncovered or why she was in that room at the moment."

Statements like that, acknowledging that she left her child in house with these hazards are listed as reasons why the Wayne County Prosecutor has now charged this mother from Detroit with manslaughter and child abuse. 

"I don't know what happened because I wasn't here," Jordan said.

She wasn't here at the time of her daughter's death. We're told she was getting her hair done and left Camya with babysitters.

"Two adults that I know of," she said.

FOX 2: "And who are these people?

"Friends, like I said, friends," Jordan said.

One such person, Tonya Peterson, has also been charged with child abuse for allegedly allowing the child to roam in the house without supervision.

"I was angry, like, what happened that you were not there with my baby? Whatever the case may have been," she said.

Now both women are expected to appear in court on Tuesday to answer to those charges. We are told Jordan was arrested sometime Monday afternoon. Police are yet to locate Peterson and bring her into custody.