Mom of 3, father to be, both killed in Telegraph crash with semi

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A family is devastated after a crash on Telegraph Road in Taylor earlier this week left two people dead and a third seriously hurt.

"I love you, mom, talk to you later - and that was the last time she talked to him, which is sad," said Irene Evinger.

Evinger fought back tears as she talked about her grandson, Zachary Rich, and the last text message he sent his mom. 

Zachary was just 20 years old when he was killed Tuesday morning, along with his cousin, 31-year-old Heather Hutchinson, when the Dodge Charger they were riding in, slammed into a semi in Taylor shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"I just hoped and prayed it wasn't him - but you never know," Irene said.

Sadly, it was Zachary, a father to be, and Heather, a mother of three, the driver of the Charger was badly hurt and hospitalized in intensive care. Witnesses reported him speeding, weaving in and out of traffic on Telegraph before crashing into the semi at North Line.

"You wouldn't want this to happen to you - I know I'm just the grandmother - but the mother is going through heck, I mean, she’s beside herself right now," Irene said.

They're all going through the unthinkable for any family. Irene's message is a reminder for all of us when we get behind the wheel.

"Just slow down people, just please, it's not a race track," Irene said. "If you want a racetrack go to the racetrack. It's just awful that you have to bury someone at 20 years old, I mean their life is just beginning."

And another life was just beginning as well -- Zachary and his fiancé have a baby due in September.

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"He called his mom and he told her - we're having a boy," Irene said.

Now the rocking horse that belonged to Zachary as a child will be passed on to his son, along with stories of the father he'll never know. There are GoFundMe accounts for both victims -- click here to visit Heather's and click here to visit Zachary's.

The funds raised for Zachary will go toward his funeral, and the rest will go toward his child.