Be alert -- More than 43% of deer crashes happen during Michigan hunting season

Crashes with deer increase during Michigan's hunting season.

According to AAA, more than 43% of vehicle-deer crashes happen in October, November, and December.

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There were 51,103 crashes with deer in Michigan last year, down 5.8% from 54,254 in 2019.

Last year three people in motor vehicles and two people on motorcycles died in crashes with deer, while 1,400 people were hurt in crashes with the animals.

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Deer crashes also cause at least $130 million in damages annually in Michigan, according to AAA.

Be extra careful when driving during this time of year, especially between dusk and dawn when deer are more active. If you see one deer, always assume there are more. And if you a deer does run in front of your vehicle, brake but do not swerve – it is better to hit the deer than to risk a more serious crash.

Michigan counties with most deer crashes in 2020:

  1. Oakland (1,854)
  2. Kent (1,712)
  3. Jackson (1,471)
  4. Ottawa (1,363)
  5. Lapeer (1,243)
  6. Allegan (1,242)
  7. Genesee (1,169)
  8. Clinton (1,131)
  9. Washtenaw (1,068)
  10. Sanilac (1,064)