More weapons found inside home of Lodge freeway road rage gunman

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Road rage turns into gunfire on the Lodge Tuesday.

The drama was caught on camera by viewer Deandre Evans. The video shows a man opening fire on a Good Samaritan who stopped to help after an accident between the suspect and a female motorist.

Police arrested the gunman at the scene last night, now we're learning more about what investigators found when they searched his house.

Haunting video. One shot fired Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. on the southbound Lodge near Seven Mile. Police are now saying the suspect, a man and his 50s from Southfield is not only in trouble for the shooting, but more.

"The victim was traveling down the southbound Lodge freeway near Seven Mile and the suspect was driving in the left lane as well," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police. "For some unknown reason he rear-ended that vehicle."

Which forced the victim, a 66-year-old Southfield woman, into the right-hand side wall causing injuries.

"She sustained a broken hip, a broken arm and some facial injuries," Shaw said. "And she is currently at a local hospital, nothing life threatening but she is still in there for observation.0"

But then more trouble for the suspect.  He leaves his car and walks toward the victim.

"He had a long gun with him and he walked to where the victim's crashed vehicle was at," Shaw said.

Police say the suspect pointed his gun at the victim and some others offering help, but got back in his car and drove south on the Lodge about 200 feet. 

"He parked off on the right shoulder and that's we saw from the video yesterday, that individual stopped to probably offer assistance to him, thinking he was involved in that traffic crash as well," Shaw said. "That's when he exited the vehicle and fired one shot at him."

Now by this time police were on the scene and nabbed the suspect.  And inside his car they found more weapons.  Search warrant was issued for his home and- guess what they found?

"We recovered more weapons and some ammunition," Shaw said. "We are working with our federal partners, the ATF, to track down where all these weapons are coming from, if there is a mental health issue, or if there's something we need to look at, as far as future investigations."

Now the Michigan State Police will present all of this information to the prosecutor to see what charges if any will be filed - which could be many.

The victim who was fired at, a 50-year-old gentleman is being called a Good Samaritan.