Mother, great-grandfather of boy who shot self head to trial

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A 4-year-old boy is asked tough questions by attorneys while on the stand in the case against his mother and great-grandfather who are charged with child abuse and felony firearm.

The 4-year-old boy, who is not identified, shot himself in the hand after he found a gun under his mother's pillow. The boy is lucky to be alive but now is telling attorneys in a court room where he got the gun from, in the first place.

"From my mama's room," he testified.

The little boy's mom, 30-year-old Andrea Drewery, and great-grandfather, 80-year-old Joseph Williams, were both in court Friday on charges of child abuse and felony firearm.

The young boy said they were both home at the time of the shooting on Terry Street in November. That's when he found the gun and shot himself in the hand.

Police also took the stand and testified the gun was later found at another location. Prosecutors argued the boy's mother and father knew the gun was within reach of the 4-year-old. They also said the two waited over an hour to call 911.

At times, the boy seemed to be having a difficult time understanding questions and the defense argued the boy was too young to testify.

"Your honor he's a bright young guy but judge, you have to make the determination whether he's able to testify under the court rules, competently," Williams' attorney said.

The gun is registered to Williams and Drewery's attorney is pressing the judge to drop charges against her.

"There is no connection to her with this gun, None," her attorney said. "The gun was in the grandfathers room. She was in her room."

The judge wasn't having any of if it and sent both to trial on all charges. Wialliams was given a $30,000 bond and Drewery was given a tether.

Both were allowed supervised visits with the little boy.