Mother sues after 10-year-old son arrested for public urination

Attorney Carlos Moore stands with LaTonya Eason and her 10-year-old son who was reportedly arrested for public urination. (Credit: Carlos Moore)

A Mississippi mother has filed a $2 million federal lawsuit against police and city leaders after claiming her 10-year-old son was arrested for public urination. 

LaTonya Eason said in August 2023, she had to run a quick errand to an office building in Senatobia that was only supposed to last for a short amount of time. 

Her son, identified as "Q.E.," told his sister that he needed to use the bathroom, but a sign read in the office that no public restrooms were available. 

The boy then told his sister he could no longer wait. 

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"Without his mother’s permission, he decided to discreetly relieve himself by opening his mother’s car door and using the restroom behind the door, so as to not expose himself," the lawsuit read. 

A police officer saw what happened and gave Eason and her son a verbal reprimand. However, more officers arrived on the scene and said that the 10-year-old boy "must go to jail for his action."

The lawsuit claimed that an officer arrested the 10-year-old boy and confined him to a jail cell for up to one hour. He was charged in youth court for being a "child in need of services." He was then released back into his mother's custody. 

The mother and son claimed they suffered "embarrassment, harassment, PTSD, shock, and other physical, emotional, and traumatizing injuries" as the result of his arrest.  

Eason filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi against the City of Senatobia, Police Chief Richard Chandler, Lt. Zachary Jenkins and four other officers with the Senatobia Police Department.

She's seeking $2 million and suing for several counts including excessive force, negligence, and false arrest. 

FOX Television Stations has reached out to the City of Senatobia for comment. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.