Movie prop money being spent around Shelby Township, police warn

Police in Shelby Township are investigating after fraudulent money has been circulating in the area. The bills look and feel like the real deal -- except for the fine print that says "for motion picture use only."

Some businesses have fallen for the fake money.

"Most of the time they are doing this at fast food places or quick locations; Panera, Starbucks,Taco Bell, where it's busy  and there's a line and people aren't taking the time to check the bills," says Robert Shelide, Shelby Township Chief of Police.

The police department posted a picture of the fake money on its Facebook page, warning businesses in the area to be on the lookout.

"It disrupts our entire system, our entire trust in our monetary system. It's very important, obviously, and people sitting, profiting off of paper money they bought off the internet - it's not right for the rest of us," Shelide says.

So buyer beware, or in this case, area businesses beware. Keep your eyes peeled so a movie prop doesn't end up in your cash register.

Using counterfeit money is a federal offense.