Mr. ChimeTime gives scoop on favorite Detroit restaurants, life of a food critic

He's known for his critical, but honest, food reviews around the U.S.

"Everything here is garbage," he said in one video. "Some leather shoe bites," he said in another. 

But when Mr. ChimeTime picked Detroit as the next place to visit and review food in, he found a city that'd been given a bad wrap. 

"I love Detroit," said Rashad Mooreman, who goes by Mr. ChimeTime on his social media accounts. His posts rack up millions of views on Instagram and TikTok and often provide some badly-needed exposure to restaurants found off the beaten path.

And he doesn't discriminate based on the kind of food or who is making it.

"If you're breathing, if you're living and you have a restaurant, when I come to your city, I might be there," he said.

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His food critic career is his full-time job. He'll select a city to travel to and plan to spend an unknown amount of time there, allowing the quality of the food to dictate his schedule. And in Detroit, he's found himself spending more time than he normally does in a city.

The North Carolina native did his first TV interview ever this week when he visited The Noon on FOX 2 on Thursday. He said his favorites in Detroit that he's found include What's the Dill, Donut Cutter, and Sista Roles Street Eats.


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