Murder investigation underway after man found dead on secluded Detroit street

Police found the body of a man propped up against a tree on a secluded Detroit street Monday morning.

According to police, officers often patrol St. Marys Street south of Joy Road because the area is a hot spot for drugs and crime. Officers patrolling the dead-end street first spotted a pickup truck and got out to investigate further. That's when they found the victim against a tree.

The man was of Arab descent and investigators say his body had blunt force trauma to the head and chest. Police found a blue pickup truck nearby.

Detectives want to figure out what happened in a remote area known for attracting illegal activity.

"I can’t really speculate at this point. I have no idea. We don’t have any other information other than the vehicle at the end of the block does belong to this person," said Capt. Michael Dicicco. 

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