Mutilated dog recovers and is ready for his forever home

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It's hard to believe the brown Rottweiler affectionately named Baron is gentle and friendly after enduring some of the most horrific abuse anyone has ever seen.

A little more than a month ago, someone maimed the 8-year-old dog cutting off his nose, ears and slashing his tail and back legs. But look at Baron now.

"He is doing great, for as much as this poor guy has been through he is doing very well very impressed," said Ann Chrisman, Michigan Humane Society.

A couple of weeks ago surgeons with the Michigan State University college of veterinary medicine donated their time and expertise and was able to reconstruct Baron's nose. His nasal passage is now covered and protected and they were also able to fix his tail.

"Baron is doing fantastic," Chrisman said. "He came through surgery with flying colors. We were able to do reconstruction on his nose so he is sniffing and smelling just fine now. We were also able to do some work on his tail, which is all healed up."

Tips continue to come in - but cruelty investigators are still trying to track down the person responsible. Baron's case has drawn national attention.

Donations have been pouring in to help Baron at The Michigan Humane Society.

"We're still getting toys, we're getting treats, we got blankets the other day from a school, which was awesome," said Chrisman. "The most unique thing were all the get well cards. We've actually had students send get well cards to Baron which are adorable. All of those things that have come in are going to get packaged up to go home with him and his new family. His new family probably won't have to buy him another toy in his life."

So many people have offered to give Baron a forever home. Anna Chrisman says they have narrowed it down to a half dozen applicants and by next week they hope to make a decision on where baron will live.

"He does require some specific medical care going forward," she said. "We are looking for a home that will best suit his needs. The ultimate goal is for him to live his life in peace, comfort and happiness covered in treats and blankets all sorts of things."

Because after what Baron went through he deserves the best.