'My son died a hero': Detroit mom seeks answers for son's murder 15 months later

It's been more than a year since a 25-year-old man was needlessly shot and killed on Detroit's west side in a terrible story of road rage. Now, 15 months later, his mom is still searching for justice.

Brandon Punter was fatally shot in what police described as a road rage incident near 7 Mile and Santa Rosa. His mom, Lisa, says he was coming back from taking his 5 nephews sledding and had his girlfriend in the car with him.

Lisa said her son was a great help in her life and worked hard for everything he had.

"He didn’t have time to be in the streets. I feel like for the streets to have taken him unnecessarily, it’s just not fair," Lisa said.

She said her son was bringing the kids back home when another car came up out of nowhere.

"They were almost at Woodward when this car came really aggressively up behind them, swerved and everything. The car jumped in front of them and cut them off. So my son blew the horn and went around and kept going. So the car started following him," Lisa said. "He told everybody 'duck they’re shooting' (and) another bullet. Then my son, who had his CPL, he returned fire. When the guy shot him again, it hit my son in the shoulder and back of the ear."

Three of the children got out while the other two ducked down. Amazingly, no one else was hurt. Brandon, however, was hit and was rushed to the hospital where he would alter die.

"We donated his organs. Not only was he able to save everyone in that car, he was able to give life to 5 other individuals. I take it as my son died a hero," Lisa said.

She's growing frustrated as she waits for the people who shot her son to be caught.

"That's why I'm reaching to the public - can they help us? It's been a year and nothing has developed," Lisa said.

The other driver fled from the location in a dark color Chevy Impala north on Stoepel then north on Livernois. He was described as a Black man with a light complexion and a long beard.He was wearing a black hoodie with glasses at the time.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit Police or CrimeStoppers. 

Brandon Punter, 25, was killed while bringing his 5 nephews home from sledding in Feb. 2021.