Narcotics found in Detroit police chase suspect's system

Officers say the woman involved in a police chase Tuesday morning had narcotics in her system and the van was wanted in connection with felonies.

The 28-year-old woman led officers on a pursuit through Detroit and ending in Hamtramck that lasted about 38 minutes.

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It all began when Detroit police responded to a 911 call --a possible child kidnapped at Stockton and Gable.

"We got a radio run that said a child was calling for help. The units got to the scene within 10 minutes. Once the unit got there the van took off," DPD 11th Precinct Commander Timothy Leach said.

The chase at times reached speeds of 80 miles per hour, winding through neighborhoods, even narrowly missing a man as he ran inside.

She drove through the lawns of an apartment complex.

Police tried more than once to block her in, but she skirted through, leading police from multiple agencies on a 38-minute ride through Detroit and Hamtramck.

"Our units ran the plate and it was a wanted vehicle from Hamtramck and Flint," Leach said.

Finally, she met her match on the I-75 Service Drive at Dequindre and Caniff.

The officers used their cars to try to block her. Realizing she's out of options, she didn't wait for the van to stop.

She jumped out and tried to climb over a fence, only to be jumped on by an officer.

Backup was close behind. Officers quickly moved in, trying to restrain her but it's not easy.

She's not cooperating, so they pick her up and take her away.

"We ended up taking her to the hospital but she will be arrested ... for fleeing and eluding and being in possession of a felony vehicle," Leach said.

He says the woman appeared delusional.

It turns out she had narcotics in her system and that van she was driving with a Florida license plate was wanted in connection with felonies in Flint and Hamtramck.

Police say in the end. no child was involved.

But initially a citizen had called 911 and another pointed out the van to police, saying they heard screams coming from inside that sounded like a child, so officers weren't taking any chances.

"No one was hurt, no child was found and fortunately it ended up being a great pursuit," Leach said.