New bodycam video shows 17-year-old punched, kicked by Warren police during arrest

In June, 17-year-old Tyler Wade was pulled from his vehicle, dragged to the ground, and then punched and kicked repeatedly when he was arrested by Warren Police, new video released by his attorney shows.

The teenager said he was roughed by Warren Police during an arrest this summer. On Wednesday, his attorney released video of what they're calling excessive force.

The video shows several officers surrounding Tyler's car with guns drawn. Just a few moments later, the teenager is pulled from the vehicle and, according to attorney James King, was punched more than nine times. 

On Wednesday, King joined Tyler and his mom, Bianca Wade, to release the video and announce plans to sue the police department. The release of the video was an emotional moment for the mother and son.

"Just that he had to go through that. Just that four or five grown men will surround you, and you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know if this is the last time you’re going to see your mom, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts, the ones you love because the ones who are supposed to protect you are hurting you," Bianca said.

"Since the whole situation, I’ve been traumatized. I’m scared to go places. I don’t even like leaving the house anymore… I’m, like, scared of police," Tyler said. 

King and other attorneys from the Cochran Firm shared bodycam of an officer downplaying how Tyler got his facial injuries to a first responder. The officer blamed it on the teen hitting the ground.

Tyler Wade, 17, was left bloody after an arrest in June. His attorney says Warren Police beat, punched, and kicked him.

"These officers not only refused to admit what they did on the scene as you see in this video, but absolutely no one has contacted Tyler Wade or his family and offered any kind of apology. We expect more," King said.

Among his injuries are a concussion, PTSD, and ruptured blood vessels in one of his eyes - which could lead to permanent vision loss.

King says they’ve filed a civil lawsuit against the Warren Police Department. 

The release of the bodycam comes three months after FOX 2 obtained video from a witness. At that point, Wade had been charged with felony crimes including fleeing police, weapons, and drug violations. He's since pleaded no contest.

In June, Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said an internal affairs review led to a lengthy suspension for only one officer involved in the incident. King was not happy with that punishment.

"It’s enraging. The reason being at that point in time, we hoped that the police would police themselves and that this matter would be handled the way it should," he said.

The only justice, from King's point of view, is for all of the officers to be off the force. They also want monetary compensation of up to $20 million. 

Warren Police will not comment on the lawsuit until it has been received and reviewed.